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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you require your portrait very soon for an occasion, it is worth dropping me an email before you pay your deposit to check that I will be able to complete it in time.


To place your order you can pay your deposit by choosing the type of portrait and size from the options below. When you click on the 'Buy Now' button, you will be directed to Paypal to enter your payment details. Please note that you will only have to pay a deposit at this stage, the amount of which is displayed next to the 'Buy Now' button.


When you have paid your deposit I will send a confirmation email and inform you of the next steps. One of the first steps is I like to begin by getting in touch by telephone to discuss exactly what you would like and to run through the process of commissioning a portrait. If you would like to talk to me or email me before you pay a deposit, you are welcome to do so.


When your portrait is complete, I will send you a scan of it for you to approve and when you are completely happy with it, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance of your portrait which can also be paid using the following payment methods. Throughout the whole process I keep in touch so that you can watch your portrait develop and add your feedback at any time.


Below you can see the card types that I accept, if would like to pay by cheque (UK only) this can be arranged if you contact me by email. For more than one pet in the portrait, please contact me for a link to pay your deposit

Solution Graphics

8"x6" pencils

Total Price £99

8x10 pencils

Total Price £145

A4 pencils

Total Price£195

14x10 pencils

Total Price £220

16x12 pencils

Total Price £295

Deposit £50

Deposit £70


Deposit £90

Deposit £110

Deposit £150

18x14 pencils

Total Price £350

20x16 pencils

Total Price £430

22x18 pencils

Total Price £515

24x20 pencils

Total Price £575


Deposit £175

Deposit £200

Deposit £250

Deposit £280




Total Price £200

8x10 colour pencil

Total Price £275

A4 colour pencilTotal Price £350

14x10 colour pencil

Total Price £450

16x12 colour pencilsTotal Price £550



Deposit £100



Deposit £130


Deposit £175


Deposit £225

Deposit £275

18x14 colour pencil

Total Price £650

20x16 colour pencils

Total Price £750

22x18 colour pencil

Total Price £850

24x20 colour pencil

Total Price £950


Deposit £325

Deposit £350

Deposit £425


Deposit £500



6x8 oil painting

Total Price £250


8x10 oils

Total Price £350


A4 oils

Total Price £450


14x10 oils

Total Price £550


16x12 oils

Total Price £650


Deposit £125


Deposit £160



Deposit £225

Deposit £250

Deposit £325

18x14 oils

Total Price £750

20x16 oils

Total Price £850

22x18 oils

Total Price £950

24x20 oils

Total Price £1050


Deposit £375

Deposit £425

Deposit £450

Deposit £500