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Many hours of work go into each and every one of my drawings and paintings as I strive to capture as much detail of your pet's unique charateristics as I can. The sparkle of the eyes, the shiny textured wet noses and the flow of the animal's coat are all part and parcel of creating a lifelike pet portrait for you to treasure.

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As I complete your portrait I will email you 'portrait updates' showing each stage of the painting or drawing as I complete them. At any point you can tell me if anything needs altering and I will do so. I welcome your feedback throughout the process of completing your portrait. After all, every owner knows the look of their pet better than anyone else and photographs can not always do them justice!

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Welcome to The Portrait Workshop, (also known as My name is Amanda Brown and I am a pet portrait artist, specializing in dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits. I am based in Kent, in the UK and I accept commissions worldwide. Over the last couple of years I've painted everything from lizards to chinchillas for my clients, but by far, the most common request is for dog portraits (don't we just love our dogs!) So if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, feel free to have a good browse around my site.
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Pet portraits are available in a range of sizes and a choice of mediums. Each medium has its own benifits but ultimately you should choose your meduim based on what you like the most of. If you would like me to advise you on what might work best, you can always email your photo(s) to me and I can help you decide.

Celebrate your Pet...

Pet portraits are becoming more and more popular in the UK as we are increasingly recognising the value of having a loving pet in our homes. Now pet portraits are not just for the likes of celebrities in the USA and their pampered pooches. My pet portraits are affordable for everyone and they are created from photos to a professional standard. Okay, so I'm not Rembrandt but I do my best!